Highland Tank Grease Trap and Grease Recovery
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How the Highland Tank AGI Works

Grease Trap, Automatic Grease Recovery Unit

  • As greasy water flows through the interceptorís screen basket and strikes the inlet baffle, solids are removed and the water velocity slows.

  • The water enters the grease retention area, where the grease separates by gravity floatation and remains between two baffles.

  • Thermostatically controlled electric immersion heaters keep collected grease in a liquid state in preparation for skimming.

  • The Diskimmer, an electrically powered device that operates on a time or event controlled basis, skims the liquefied grease off the water surface.

  • Grease adheres to its rotating plastic disc until it passes between scraper blades.

  • The skimmed grease is directed into a steep sloped trough and drained through a conduit into a disposal container or barrel and recovered for proper grease recycling.

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